Monday, November 24, 2014

Having Fun with Photos

Some days, a gal needs a diversion from the day-to-day production of pages of verbiage, piles of research notes, and pounding the keyboard! That's when I play with photos.

There are a number of photo manipulation websites where you can create all manner of fun, scary, fake, zany images, even animated ones. One of my favorite photo websites is Of course, I have Photoshop on one of my computers, but Lunapic offers some amazing the spinning picture cube above. (Ugh! I'm getting motion sick.)

Here's a photo puzzle I made of myself at Point No Point Lighthouse in Hansville, Washington. Just call it "Pieces of Elinor." I really fell apart making this one. :-)
How about a Warhol tessellation? Upper left is me on a sunny day. Upper right is me on a frigid cold day! Lower right has me in the pink, and lower left...well...let's just say I'm wasn't feeling so when I take bouncy boat rides to lighthouses. 
Here I am in the Gilded Age!
Electrifying! This one might explain some of my weird and whacky behavior! Ouch!
I call this one "Migraine Headache." I look a little like Elvis with that crazy pompadour hair.

Here, I'm being honored on a postage stamp! This might be the easiest way to travel, and maybe the cheapest...if the Postal Service doesn't raise the price of stamps again.
Ben Franklin lost his assignment on the $100!

This guy is painting a wall mural of me...when I was much, much, much younger. Look Ma, no turkey neck! (That's a Thanksgiving joke.)

It's me and Anclote Key Lighthouse in a kaleidoscope!

I love this one! It's a photo of me standing on the breakwater at Victoria Harbor, British Columbia. My husband took this picture, but Lunapic made it look like a painting! That's Ogden Point Lighthouse at the end of the breakwater.

Not another earthquake!! Shake, rattle, and roll! This was taken in 1990 in the lantern room of Boston Harbor Lighthouse....where there is almost never an earthquake. But the wind could give the lantern a good shaking. The late Skip Empey took this one.

Feeling the love of family, friends, and fans! This is Cape Meares Lighthouse, Oregon.

Here's President Obama with his favorite author! Did you know he likes lighthouses??!! (If only!!)

And, finally, some holiday cards made from photos. First up is me at beautiful Admiralty Head Lighthouse, Washington.
And back to Point No Point. Let it snow, let it snow!
No, Lunapic didn't pay me to hype their website. I thought you'd like to see how I have fun when I'm taking a break at my desk. Go and play with some of your pictures! Post them on Facebook. And let me know the websites that you enjoy for a diversion from work.

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