Monday, April 6, 2015

Sojourn at the Lighthouse

Meet my newest eBook! Sojourn at the Lighthouse. It's based on a journal I kept during my keeper weeks at New Dungeness Lighthouse on a sand spit off Sequim, Washington. I've served there as a volunteer keeper twice now, and I've visited the site many times with work parties or for a day trip. It's a special place, and being a volunteer lightkeeper is a unique experience.


This is one of the most fascinating lighthouses I've visited. It has a wonderfully rich history, dating back to 1857 when it went into service. U.S. Lighthouse Establishment keepers occupied the station from 1857 until 1939 when the Coast Guard took over operations, and then Coast Guard keepers lived at the lighthouse for fifty-five years. It was nearly boarded up and abandoned when the Coast Guard left in 1994, except for the determination and hard work of a group of local citizens who wanted to keep it staffed. They became the New Dungeness Light Station Association. Since 1994, they have maintained a 365-day-a-yeat presence on the light station with volunteer lightkeepers. I was on their board for several years in the early 2000s, and I remain close with the group.

You, too, can be a volunteer lightkeeper here. The book will familiarize you with the experience and the duties of modern-day lightkeeping. This is a vacation spot--yes!--but it's also a place to do some important work to preserve the history and mission of the light station. The scenery and wildlife alone make it worth the trip.

If you're looking for a lighthouse for a meaningful vacation retreat, or you've booked a week at this one, read my book first. It's written somewhat like a diary and is rife with interesting anecdotes and tidbits of history. If you've had a stay at any other lighthouse, compare your experience to mine.

You'll find Sojourn at the Lighthouse on under Kindle Books for $1.99. Here are some images I included--


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