Thursday, December 10, 2015

Lighthouse Fun for Kids

The holiday vacation is just ahead. I remember well the Christmas crazies the final week of school before my students went home for the holidays. I had a file full of fun activities to use up their extra energy and keep their anticipation channeled toward educational endeavors. Many of the projects in my file were related to lighthouses.

Are you wondering what do to with the kids on these cold December days leading up to holiday vacation or when school is out? Visit my Pinterest Board called "Lighthouse Fun for Kids" to see some good activities. You'll find it here:

Examples are in this blog entry. First up--Tangrams.

Above is some Tangram artwork done by a second grader. A Tangram is a puzzle developed long ago in China. It consists of seven geometric pieces that form a perfect square when placed together. The pieces can be used to form other objects too, like lighthouses. This is pure problem solving, and it's hands-on too. Here's a Tangram template to download, print, and cut apart. See if you and the kids can put it back together as a perfect square.

Then, have some fun. Make lighthouses with the pieces. Here are more Tangram lighthouses done by second graders. Have your kids replicate them, or they can design their own. The only rules about Tangram pieces are that they must lay flat on a surface, like a table or the floor, and they cannot be cut or twisted or folded. Have fun!


Who doesn't like to color? Kids do, from a very early age. Coloring is now a trendy activity for adults too. It's supposed to make us feel calm and rested; it slows down the brain and the body from the frenetic pace of daily life, especially around the holidays. Here are a few lighthouse coloring pages. You'll find more on my Pinterest Board.

How about making some lighthouse crafts with the kids, using around-the-house materials? There are many projects on my Pinterest Board that are easy and inexpensive. Here are a few to whet your child's or students kinesthetic appetite....on a snowy, cold, holiday vacation day!
Got paper plates, waxed paper, a glue stick. some yarn for a hanger, and a few bits of construction paper and other decorations--tissue paper, sequins, buttons, etc.? Make a lighthouse sun-catcher to hang in the window. Simply adorable, and it's loads of fun to make. You can use clear adhesive paper too.
Learn some sign language! No kidding; this is a valuable skill that not only teaches kids a new way to communicate, but also is quiet, calming, and develops small muscles in the hands.
Have some fun with food! Taste is much about "presentation," and these plates look really appetizing! Kids can brag after lunch that they ate lighthouses and sailboats!
Paint some rocks. Is there any craft so easy and inexpensive? Have kids sketch a design first, then add paint. Acrylic paint is best, as it stays on the rocks long after the painting is done and is waterproof. These make wonderful paperweights that can be given as gifts.
Or, resort to that good old-fashioned amusement all kids should do: Read some books. I have lots of lighthouse-themed books on the Pinterest Board, and you'll find more on Amazon and other book sites.
Find lots of fun ideas at "Lighthouse Fun for Kids"  ---
If you have a lighthouse-related activity not found on my Pinterest Board, send it to me and I'll add it to this blog entry. Add it as a comment to this blog, or if you have pictures email the activity to
Enjoy the anticipation of the holiday season!

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