Sunday, March 27, 2016

Curiosities for Sale...or Not

I have my share of lighthouse collectibles. Most people who love lighthouses do. Many of mine were gifts from family, friends, and groups I've given presentations to or helped with projects. A few caught my eye on eBay. Most of my purchases, though, have been images for books and articles. I do like memorabilia!

Occasionally, I meet that lighthouse fancier who seems to have everything lighthouse! Product makers are only to happy to accommodate someone who has more than a liking...maybe an addiction. (I'm not quite there yet...but getting close.)

Check out some of the fun lighthouse curiosities available. (I assure you, I have no association or deal with any of the companies selling these items. I just want to let you know where you can get case your liking has become an addicition.)

I absolutely love the simplicity of this lighthouse pepper mill. Fresh pepper, ground at the table, from a beautiful wooden pepper mill! I don't have one of these, but I do have one that looks like Seattle's Space Needle...kind of a lighthouse...perhaps...sort of....

Give it a Shake
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Father's Day deserves a special gift. If my dad was still living, I like to gift him these cufflinks from Zazzle. You know you're dressed up when you wear cufflinks! Dad used to wear them when he went to weddings and banquets, and such. This pair features Cape Disappointment Lighthouse. Wear a Pair

I have several table lamps that feature lighthouses. My favorite is a Lefton model featuring Admiralty Head Lighthouse. The shade has an old world map look. My lamp looks similar to this one that features Amelia Island Lighthouse--Light up Your Life

There's lots of lighthouse bling for sale online and in gift shops. You've already seen the cufflinks. I admit I have lighthouse earrings, but I really do like this ring; it's classy! I could see this being a great conversation starter. Buy the Bling!

Lighthouse keepers were known for being fastidious. Everything at a lighthouse had to be clean and shiny when the Lighthouse Inspector arrived. Maybe you aren't worried about that sort of "clean." But we all need to stay personally clean. You can buy a bar of lighthouse soap or make your own with a mold. I like this herbal brand, though I've yet to buy it. Get Clean & Bright
A lighthouse dreidel for Hanukkah--who knew? Not in my collection, but I like it! Give It a Spin

Does anyone use a thimble anymore? Not me. My sister-in-law quilts with one. My husband wears a thingy to protect one of his fingers that cracks and peels in winter. Maybe he needs this! Or, he could use the one I have with Grace Darling on it. She was a lighthouse keeper's daughter in England; she rescued some shipwrecked sailors and was propelled into fame. Stick One on Your Finger

I've seen lighthouse fingernail art on several occasions, and I admire anyone who can create fancy nails freehand. This website has a tutorial for doing your nails...and they even glow in the dark! I rarely paint my nails--I'm not careful and would mess them up in no time--but if I did... Paint Your Nails

Yes, this is a "thumbnail" image.

We all like to buy toys for our pets. No dogs at my house...I wonder if my cats would like this? Here you go! Fetch!
Need a light? Plain old matches are fine, but why not these? They have character! I'd love a box of these, so I could impress my friends by lighting the charcoal in the BBQ grill by striking one on my shoe sole. My dad used to do that. Strike a Deal

I'll wrap this up.....decide for yourself. Wonder Unders

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