Monday, July 18, 2016

A Hardy Alaskan Lightkeeper

I interviewed Alaskan lightkeeper Ted Pedersen by phone in the late 1980s. He was friendly, talkative, and happy to be reminiscing about his work for the old U.S. Lighthouse Service. Later, a few calls to the Coast Guard and some poking around in archives netted some great images of Pedersen and his assignments. The following pages are excerpted from The DeWire Guide to the Lighthouses of Alaska, Hawai'i, and the U.S. Pacific Territories. It was published by Paradise Cay Publications in 2012 and is available on Amazon or from other online booksellers. You can also get an autographed copy from me by emailing 
($25, including shipping). 

Unfortunately, Ted Perdersen died before seeing any of the articles I wrote about him or the anecdotes about him in my books. I know he is keeping a light somewhere and has been well-rewarded for his good work.

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