Monday, November 14, 2016

Fascinating Faux Lighthouses

Lighthouses are immensely popular. Of course, those of us who love them know that fact. We are always on the lookout for the latest lighthouse item, be it small or large, real or imagined. One of the bigger items of the imaginative ilk is the faux lighthouse. This is a sentinel, sometimes every bit as convincing as a Coast Guard lighthouse, that someone has built merely for the joy and love of it or for some special purpose.

Many of us have begun collecting images of unofficial lighthouses. We see them everywhere, even inland. I think they'd make a wonderful book, a tome replete with images like those in this blog.
Dimick Lighthouse in Port Townsend, Washington was built as a retreat for the Dimicks. It has its own light, but not bright enough to distract ships and require Coast Guard status. 

Nonantum Resort in Kennebunkport features this little lighthouse. It has its own dim light for aesthetic effect. Weddings are popular beneath it. It looks like a mini-Pemaquid Point Lighthouse. Behind it is the George H.W. Bush home, hidden in the trees across the water. I stayed at the resort in October 2016. There was a heavy windstorm that weekend, so taking this photo involved taming my hair and scarf so they weren't in the photo.

Bruce Robie gave me this image of a faux lighthouse at Pier 39 in San Francisco. Check out the sea lions on the outermost float.

I shot this photo in a small town in Oregon along Route 1. It's a real estate office. You can see the decorative light in the lantern.

Nordic Finn Lighthouse Company in  Seabeck, Washington has this faux lighthouse, complete with a rotating beacon and foghorn. The company makes special-order lighthouse replicas and faux lighthouses. Photo by Al Clayton.

Alice D'Amicol took this photo of a faux lighthouse in Florida. I believe it's a beach cottage. Note the AC unit above the red door.

A faux lighthouse greets visitors to Catalina Island, California. Photo on Wunderground by boyntonbeachboy.

This is the Lighthouse Landing Restaurant near the real Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse at Ponce Inlet, Florida. I've dined here, and will attest that it's pretty good fare!

Starbucks is everywhere, even in Cozumel, Mexico. Pierre Bernard took this picture of the Starbuck's lighthouse all lit up at night.

The McDonald's in Port Washington, Wisconsin has its own lighthouse. I haven't been here yet. Someday! Although I love McDonald's food, I try to avoid it. The photo was taken by Kraig Anderson of Lighthouse Friends.

The post office in Sequim, Washington has a very accurate replica of the New Dungeness Lighthouse. I've been a keeper at the real lighthouse several times and have published a book about my experiences there. Click here to see the book.

The Tennessee River Lighthouse was captured on its shore-side perch by Megan O'Brien.

Churches love lighthouses for their symbolism of salvation and guidance. This one is on Zion Baptist Church in Texas. Photo from TripAdvisor.

A motel in Long Beach, Washington has this lighthouse at its entrance. I love that we could drive on the beach here and fly kites. Near the motel is Klipsan Beach where a lifesaving station still stands, though privately owned.

Do you have pictures of your favorite faux lighthouse? I'd love to see them.

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