Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Sweet Story

This story appeared in Lighthouse Digest magazine in February 2003. It has a happy ending, so don't bail on it midway through the tale.

It's historical fiction--the telling of the story with the best information available. We do know for sure there was a mule named Jack at Farallon Island Light, brought out to the island to help in the construction of the light station. He remained at the island for many years. As to whether he died on the island or was retired to a nice pasture ashore, history doesn't tell. I'd like to think he was.

The picture shows one of the mules that lived on the Farallon Island Light Station. All information I have indicates it's Old Jack. He did a lot of work for the keepers.

There were many quadrupeds at this remote place. I have several images that show them. They were beloved members of the crew. A few are buried on the island. My "Author's Note" at the end of the article explains more about the Farallon Island four-footed helpers.

Many thanks to Tim Harrison, editor of Lighthouse Digest, for printing this story. (To subscribe to Lighthouse Digest, go to

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