Monday, May 23, 2016

Down East Lighthouse Love

Now that I'm a New England resident again, I've subscribed to Down East Magazine. It's about Maine topics, and it's "wicked good," to coin a Maine euphemism. I lived in Maine about forty years ago and have never lost my affection for the place. I'm always interested in Maine stories and history.

As part of my subscription, I have access to a number of goodies on the magazine's website. My favorite find is the magazine archives, which shows the covers all the way back to August 1954 when Down East first began publication. I wasn't surprised to find lighthouses on a number of covers, but their frequency amazed me. Down East ran a lighthouse on its cover about once a year! I captured them all from the website and have posted them here in no particular order. How many lighthouses can you identify?

Pemaquid and Portland Head lighthouses appear often. Bass Harbor Head took a few honors. So did Marshall Point Light. I love the paintings! Wouldn't it be cool to have a wall of Down East cover lighthouses??!!

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